• Spiritual Meanings Of Names

    In order to give our baby a spiritual name, it is not necessary for us to be tied to any kind of religions or religious texts. Of course, when it comes to names, Bible is believed to be one of the well-stocked resources for many parents around the world to offer their little kids the spiritual names. However, we are definitely able to provide our baby with the title including the enduring significance regardless of its secretive origin. This article will lend us a hand via the list of the top 50 spiritual baby names for both boys and girls.

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    Believe it or not, spirituality is extremely individual and deeply personal. Our kid’s spirituality may take shape over the interesting course of his lifetime through some valuable experiences he gains, the decisions he makes and how we raise him. In addition, his spirituality shall also shift if it is really necessary to accommodate any kind of their changing beliefs.

    It is easy to realize that lots of the spiritual names seem to be best suited to the girls. According to the spiritual list of the Social Security Administration’s top names for babies, it would be likely that numerous parents are ready to experiment with the girls’ names. Besides, they don’t hesitate to choose the names of saints or Biblical names for their sons. The following are the top 10 names for baby boys that appear really Biblical: Alexander, Anthony, Christopher, Daniel, Ethan, Joshua, Jacob, Michael, Matthew and William.

    Yearn to know more names? We are pleased to give you further spiritual names. Specially, these names are completely suitable, regardless of whether you are Jewish or Catholic, read the Torah or Bible, a naturalist or simply a person without any tie to different religion. The truth is that once we love any name and give it to our kid, it means that we generously help spirituality infused into every letter of our child’s name right from the beginning.

    The top spiritual names for babies

    Spiritual Meanings Of Names


    • Abraham – dad of many
    • Amity – harmony, friendship
    • Angel – messenger
    • Arcadia – heaven, paradise
    • Ariel – lion of God


    • Bliss – supreme blissfulness


    • Charity – generosity
    • Constance – steadfastness


    • Destiny – fate
    • Divinity – divine nature


    • Eden – delight
    • Elizabeth – promise of God
    • Ever – other side, beyond


    • Faith – confidence
    • Felicity – blissfulness
    • Fortune – luck


    • Gabriel – hero of God
    • Genesis – origin
    • Gideon – excellent warrior
    • Grace – good will


    • Harmony – in concord
    • Haven – unharmed place
    • Heaven – heaven, literally
    • Honor – woman of honor
    • Hope – belief, expectation


    • Israel – God wrestler
    • Jael – power of God
    • John – the Lord is gracious
    • Justice – righteous


    • Kismet – lot or portion


    • Liberty – freedom
    • Love – affection and love


    • Malachi – my messenger
    • Mary – star of the sea
    • Mercy – compassion
    • Micah – who resembles God
    • Miracle – wonder


    • Nevaeh – paradise spelled backwards


    • Patience – enduring
    • Pax – peace
    • Prudence – provident


    • Seraphina – angel, fiery ones
    • Serenity – peacefulness
    • Shiloh – His gift


    • Temperance – moderation
    • Trinity – threefold
    • True – strength of the spear


    • Verity – truth
    • Virtue – strength


    • Zion – highest point

    No matter what name we pick out for our children, all of us desire it to possess the wonderful meaning, right? In some specific circumstances, some individuals suppose that names can set the patterns for someone’s destiny and life. However, whatever name we christen our kids with, bear in mind that in some paths of their future, they are able to select their own direction!

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